succest suite

The automation of test cases by Feindt succest suite consists of three software components that allow coverage of virtually 100 % of the functional and technical test cases of a single system. These are:

„Manual testing is often costly and time-consuming. Finding, preparing or rather creating relevant test data, devours the lion’s share of the budget.“

Manual testing is often costly and time-consuming. Finding, preparing or rather creating relevant test data, devours the lion’s share of the budget. A serious risk for companies lies not only in the absence of reliable data supply and data check, but in the absence of test data security (protecting the real data).

Automatic testing with Feindt succest suite solves this problem by automatically creating and processing synthetic test data while test cases are executed. Test data are produced automatically and precisely when needed. Risks regarding data privacy and data security will be avoided because the test data are synthetic (artificial). Your test team even saves time, which can be re-invested in the development of high-quality targeted test cases.

On top of that, Feindt succest suite has a direct connection to other tools like f. ex. HP ALM or SAP Solution Manager. The executed tests and their results can be recorded simultaneously into those tools.


succest test editor

At each stage of the project, test cases can be created intuitively and easily with the succest test case editor. The ranges of requirements that are covered by an automated test case are extremely wide. A test case can test a single functionality in detail or (even) serve as a mechanism, for example to generate ever new test data for other projects.

„Intuitive operation without losing functionality via drag and drop.“

The interface of the test case editor is tailored to an intuitive operation without losing any functionality. In accordance with the test case steps, individual activities are combined via drag and drop. In order to work on recurring steps more effectively, error-free and non-redundant, you can install individual activities of a test case into so-called sequence containers. Furthermore, the test case editor allows the use of reference data and templates.

Modifications or adjustments of test cases have a direct impact on the test process, because created test cases are stored in the repository and therefore directly linked to the execution.


succest test case repository

The succest test case repository is the key element in the test execution. It´s an application that together with the succest loading system executes filed test cases. The frequency with which test cases are executed in the repository may be configured for the entire project. It can individually be adjusted to the respective project phase and system landscape.

„The succest test case repository makes an efficient re-execution of test-cases possible.“

It is for instance possible to execute a test case several times a day. (During development) this may make sense at an early stage in the project, for example as part of the CIT (Component Integration Test). At the same time, a test case can also be executed once every (booking) day or (even) monthly. It depends on the test requirements during trial periods of the SIT (System Integration Test), UAT (User Acceptance Test) or E2E (End to End Test).

At the end of a test case execution the matching protocol and load log are processed by the succest repository for every test case customer and send to them by email. When re-executing the repository the test case execution starts all over again. With the renewed execution of the repository, loading data will be generated from all test cases as long as they are created in the test editor and stored in the repository.


succest loading system

With the succest loading system it is possible to „generate“ historical, current and future test data, regardless of the testing environment or the testing system. This allows the execution of test case activities in an accurate and chronological context.

As soon as the preconditions are loaded into the test environment, the actual testing can be executed. These are queries that have also been recorded in the succest test case editor (during test case). In the course of the execution, loaded test data (fine-tuning and verification of the test) and the results are made available to the test case repository. The succest loading system serves as the interface between the succest repository and the target system and is responsible for providing the needed data.






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