Testing Methodology

At any stage of the project, Feindt succest suite enables you to add test cases to the automatic test execution due to its user-friendly and intuitive handling. In this context the optimal methodological approach for generating test cases depends on the nature of the adjustment of the SAP Banking Services Project and therefore requires the targeted integration of various experts into the test case development (like professionals, developers, system-architects, test case creators). Thanks to the intuitive handling and by supplying test case templates, the (test) developer will remove operating or input errors.

„Using succest, automated test cases already arise during the software development project.“

Automated test cases may be suitable for all project phases. Nevertheless, due to succest suite it is possible to synchronize the development of the software with the creation of test cases. So that test cases can be executed continuously, from the start of the development activity until the production of the software.

At a high professional level the test methodology of Feindt succest suite ensures a smooth development of the IT-supported business processes by identifying system-critical risks at an early stage. At the same time succest suite cannot only be used in the implementation phase of new software but also during the entire production process for regressive tests in the company.






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