Test-Automation using the Feindt succest suite

Does anyone need another tool for test automation?

Looking at existing solutions in the area of test automation in Line-of-Business Applications, such as SAP Banking Service, one thing becomes clear: that the lack of feasible and sophisticated solutions currently impedes a comprehensive, non-system-based use. Moreover, many approaches (also) lack an intuitive and user-friendly methodology and implementation.

„In terms of our approach and the combination of a menu-guided test case installation together with the installation of needed files including history, we are the only ones in the SAP Banking Sector.“ (CEO FMC GmbH)

For more than ten years, the FMC GmbH has played a successful role in various SAP banking projects. As a result of our extensive experience, we were able to develop a solution that enables the successful use of test automation in SAP Banking Services projects: the so-called Feindt succest suite.

The unique user-friendly handling of the Feindt succest suite allows you to create functional and technical test cases in your project at any time. Immediately after its creation any generated test case can be fully automated. At the beginning of the test execution all required test data is automatically generated and therefore available immediately, regardless of the necessary history of the data.

Feindt succest suite executes tests quicker, more directly and more integrated.






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