Feindt Management Consulting

Since 1999, FMC Feindt Management Consulting GmbH and its already 40 commit-ted employees are successfully supporting credit institutions and their partners in various questions related to business and software technology. In doing so, we combine our branch-specific expertise with information technology (IT) and organi-zational competencies to enhance the competitiveness of our customers.

„We are
SAP Service Partner
since 2009.“

With more than 100 projects on four continents, we have a long track record of success ever since our foundation. During various SAP Core-Banking projects, we noticed that a lack of practical and well-conceived solutions inhibit test automation on a broad front. In most cases, test-efforts are not structured systematically and therefore not appropriately carried out. As opposed to this, our test solutions run parallel with development whilst enabling full transparency of the software devel-opment status and quality to sustainably reduce customer risk.

The recipe for succest? Dialogue with the customer. Dialogue with the partner. Dialogue with the software producer. Before, during and after each project. Only with this mentality we are able to identify project-related influences at an early stage and take them into account going forward.






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